Invisalign Platinum

Nuestro liderazgo en ortodoncia transparente con la técnica Invisalign nos ha llevado a merecer, por primera vez en la Región de Murcia, la distinción Invisalign Platinum Elite, en reconocimiento al número de pacientes tratados con esta técnica en nuestras instalaciones.

Además, disponer de un escáner intraoral iTero Elements nos ayuda a disfrutar de procesamiento prioritario de nuestros tratamientos con alineadores SmartTrack, poder agilizar los ‘refinamientos’ y monitorizar al milímetro la evolución de los tratamientos de nuestros pacientes.

Foro Europa 2001

El Foro Europa 2001 fue fundado por José Luis Salaverria el 8 de Octubre de 1996 con la intención de crear eventos para el intercambio y divulgación de ideas y conocimientos entre y con dirigentes de la vida empresarial, cultural y política.

Por antigüedad, ponentes, premiados, presentadores, y asistentes, goza de un amplio reconocimiento a nivel europeo. Los dos fundadores de nuestro centro clínico en Murcia han sido galardonados con el mismo.e los parámetros que nos han hecho ser ganadores de este premio.

First Prize
'Dental Clinic of the Future’

The way we treat our patients has received first prize in an award given by ‘Gaceta Dental.’ This is an honor, as it comes from a magazine that has specialized in the dental sector for more than twenty years.

Our integral services, multidisciplinary teamwork, extensive and flexible office hours and up-to-date technology, have all contributed to winning this award. These are just a few of the reasons that the greater Region of Murcia continues to seek our professional services.

First Prize
‘Dental Esthetics’

3M ESPE, one of the most internationally renowned manufacturers of dental products, has awarded Velez&Lozano first prize in the ‘Dental Esthetics’ category, based off of a clinical case involving reconstruction of a lower incisor after an Orthodontic treatment.

Using the best materials couple with multidisciplinary teamwork and the latest esthetic Orthodontic techniques has allowed us to offer these types of results to our patients. The greatest prize we can receive, however, is the trust and confidence of our patients.


Research Development Award
in Corporate Social Responsibility.

The University of Sevilla recently gave us this award for one of the publications that our clinical staff participated in. This was due to the fact that we formed part of a collaborative team of authors that wrote the book ‘La Odontología Social. Un deber, una necesidad, un reto.’ (Social Dentistry. A duty, a need, a goal.)

Research and development are pillars of our team’s daily work. We are constantly collaborating with research teams at the prestigious universities of Murcia, Sevilla, Miguel Hernández, Valencia and San Pablo CEU.

Orthodontics Fellowship.

The Spanish Society of Orthodontics has awarded its annual research grant in 2013 to members of our clinical team for a project involving the ‘Acceleration of orthodontic movement by applying cyclic loads to tooth’.

The study, which involves the use of a next-generation device known as 'AcceleDent' (a device approved by the American Dental Association), has received recognition from SEDO as well as the Spanish orthodontic community.

Quality Control

Calidad Dental

Vélez&Lozano, is a clinic that is aware of the need to implement work protocols that follow the strictest international criteria for quality. It has implemented UNE 179001 quality standard via Dental Quality Mark.

This standard was developed by a working group, led by the prestigious General Board of Dentistry and Stomatology, which works with dental experts, government representatives, as well as the accreditation body AENOR.

Therefore, this certificate is awarded to clinics that meet and adhere to the general principals and requirements expected of a quality dental center, including the organization of the center, the facilities and equipment that it uses as well as delivery of dental procedures.

Universidad de Oviedo

Our commitment to overall protection, disinfection and sterilization goes well above-and-beyond that of many dental clinics.

We use ultrasonic vibration equipment, with maximum performance autoclave and sterilization systems. This combined with the most demanding quality standards of cleanliness is only the beginning in our clinic.

Thanks to these factors and the Oral Microbiology services provided by the University of Oviedo, our clinic has been externally certified in sterilization. Our patients can be 100% sure that Vélez&Lozano follows the strictest international protocols.


University of Murcia

Vélez&Lozano works with the University of Murcia providing dental students with the opportunity to participate in an internship program. Through this program they learn about Vélez&Lozano as well as the latest and most up-to-date techniques and methods used in dental clinics.

Since 2008 we have worked with and helped to promote the University Business Union, which is very important to the development of science and technology as well as the integration of recent graduates into the workforce.

Ministry of Education in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia

Vélez&Lozano works with the Ministry of Education in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia to offer internships related to degrees in Dental Hygiene, held at the Ramón y CajalSchool and training center in Murcia


Desarrollo Sostenible
de la Región de Murcia

At Vélez&Lozano , in respects to our business growth, we believe in setting an example of respect and professionalism. We believe in leading by example and our ethics are founded on a policy of excellence and corporate and social responsibility. For this reason we strive to do all that we can for our community and are committed to sustainably developing in the Region of Murcia.

This is a seal that represents our commitment to our society, our community, to ourselves – and to the environment. It is a seal that we are proud of and feel good about.

Consejería de Sanidad y Consumo
de la Región de Murcia

Our clinic meets all standards set by the Ministry of Health in the Region of Murcia. Therefore we have a Health Establishment Registration number. (RES)

Registro de Establecimientos Sanitarios (RES) Nº 20800081

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