14 / Feb / 2019

Vélez y Lozano incorporates a defibrillator to his equipment

The dental clinic of Murcia, Vélez & Lozano, has incorporated a semiautomatic defibrillator (DESA) to contribute to the improvement of public health and social welfare.

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07 / Feb / 2019

Dr. Diego Saura expands his knowledge in Endodontics with Alejandro Pagán

The endodontist of the Murcian dental clinic Velez & Lozano, Diego Saura Miñano, attended last weekend the course "Modern Endodontics", given by Dr. Alejandro Pagán at the College of Dentists of the Region of Murcia.

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22 / Ene / 2019

"Restorative Dentistry: You are worth it" by Ignacio Vázquez Natividad

Dr. Ignacio Vázquez Natividad, head of dental aesthetics at Vélez & Lozano, has directed today's clinical session "You are worth it" focused on the different criteria in restorative dentistry of our clinic and in the planning of treatments.

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08 / Ene / 2019

"Postural hygiene applied to dentistry" by Juan José Martínez

Juan José Martínez Vázquez, dental hygienist, was responsible for the clinical session on January 8 under the title "Postural hygiene applied to dentistry." It has included theoretical and practical aspects aimed at preventing muscular discomfort in the clinical team of Vélez and Lozano.

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