25 / Oct / 2019

Adrián Melgares, Zahira Asensio and Jacobo Martínez perfect their knowledge in orthodontics with Aula Dentaid

Adrián Melgares, Zahira Asensio and Jacobo Martínez, hygienists at the dental clinic of Murcia Vélez & Lozano, attended last October 19 the course organized by Aula Dentaid "Orthodontics: role of the hygienist in the success of the treatment", which took place in the Hotel Beatriz Albacete (Albacete).

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27 / Sep / 2019

Sara Pérez Díaz attends the fourth edition of the SEDA Congress

Dr. Sara Pérez Díaz, orthodontist at the Murcian dental clinic Vélez & Lozano, attended the IV annual Congress of the prestigious Sociedad Española de Alineadores (SEDA) held at the Palacio de Congresos in Malaga from 19 to 21 September.

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15 / Sep / 2019

Pedro Jacobo Martínez expands his training in orthodontics

Pedro Jacobo Martínez Rufete, hygienist at the Murcian dental clinic Vélez y Lozano, expands his knowledge in the Invisalign technique with the course "Invisible Orthodontics for Dental Aids and Hygienists" organized by Formación Dinámica from 1 to 28 June.

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26 / Jul / 2019

Sara Pérez Díaz, 'cum laude' doctor from the University of Murcia

Sara Pérez Díaz, orthodontist in Vélez and Lozano, obtained on July 19th the doctoral degree from the University of Murcia in the defense of her thesis "Prevalence of periapical pathology in endodontized teeth of patients with multiple myeloma", carried out in the Hospital Morales Meseguer together with the Department of Dermatology, Stomatology and Radiology and Physical Medicine of the University of Murcia.

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19 / Jul / 2019

The Drs. Saura and Vázquez Natividad attend the DS World Madrid 2019 Congress

On June 28th and 29th, Drs. Saura and Vázquez Natividad, endodontist and responsible for dental aesthetics at the dental clinic of Murcia Vélez & Lozano, respectively, attended on behalf of the team at the DS World Congress that took place at the IFEMA Congress Centre in Madrid.

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