08 / Ene / 2019
"Postural hygiene applied to dentistry" by Juan José Martínez

Juan José Martínez Vázquez, dental hygienist, was responsible for the clinical session on January 8 under the title "Postural hygiene applied to dentistry." It has included theoretical and practical aspects aimed at preventing muscular discomfort in the clinical team of Vélez and Lozano.

The control of postural hygiene allows to prevent possible future chronic injuries that can begin with a simple bad posture when working. It is advisable to stretch before the workday, in order to activate the skeletal muscle. Thus, we manage to reduce tensions and improve the health of the team.

"The balance between body and mind begins with good postural hygiene," says Juan José.

In Vélez y Lozano we always try to implement improvements in our services that are beneficial for patients.