07 / Feb / 2019
Dr. Diego Saura expands his knowledge in Endodontics with Alejandro Pagán

The endodontist of the Murcian dental clinic Velez & Lozano, Diego Saura Miñano, attended last weekend the course "Modern Endodontics", given by Dr. Alejandro Pagán at the College of Dentists of the Region of Murcia.

The speaker, Dr. Alejandro Pagán Ruiz, is an expert in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry and for years he has combined his private practice at the Corbalá Pagán Clinic with numerous endodontic training that serves as a means to improve knowledge and skills in endodontics of professionals of dentistry.

During the training, Dr. Saura Miñano, not only consolidated his knowledge in endodontics, but had the opportunity to learn new instruments and technologies to implement his daily clinic practice.

As the endodontist indicates: "in a profession like ours it is essential to stay up to date, knowing the latest materials allows us to offer the most innovative and appropriate treatments to the needs of our patients".