05 / Dic / 2018
Philips Zoom, the latest whitening novelty from Vélez y Lozano

Vélez & Lozano expands its teeth whitening options with the arrival from the United States of Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, the most requested whitening system for patients, with a satisfaction rate of 96%.

This system allows its users to recover the lost white of their teeth in just one session, through advanced blue LED technology.

The LED light accelerates the whitening process and achieves magnificent results, dissolving stains and clarifying discoloration. In addition, it offers the possibility of adjusting the intensity, which facilitates that each bleaching treatment is adapted to the needs of each patient. Therefore, 99% of consumers of Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed experience little or no sensitivity at the end of treatment.

In short, WhiteSpeed is a safe, healthy and effective option for those looking for a whiter and brighter smile in the shortest possible time.