18 / Oct / 2018
Zahira Asensio expands its knowledge in Invisalign

Last Thursday, October 18, Zahira Asensio, an orthodontic hygienist at the Vélez y Lozano dental clinic, traveled to Madrid to continue his training in the Invisalign orthodontic system.

During the course, organized by Invisalign, the leading brand of invisible aligners in the dental sector, explained the keys to get the most out of their digital platform when treating patients with invisible orthodontics.

In addition, the best methods to optimize treatment success and the advantages that the platform provides to orthodontic treatments with aligners were explained to the attendees.

Invisalign is the 21st century alternative to brackets, in addition to the innumerable benefits it brings to its users, it has the advantage of being a fully digital orthodontic system. This allows the treatments to be more precise and predictable, one of the fundamental reasons why the Vélez y Lozano clinic in Murcia has made it their favorite orthodontic treatment.