29 / Nov / 2019
Ignacio Vázquez, Isabel Sánchez and Pedro Roca attend the Akompano Group workshop

Ignacio Vázquez, Isabel Sánchez and Pedro Roca, members of the team of the dental clinic of Murcia Vélez & Lozano, attended the workshop "Planégico 2020" organized by Akompano Group at the Hotel Senator Mar Menor Golf & SPA Resort in Los Alcázares on November 22 and 23.

The main objective of the training, which was attended by more than 130 attendees, is to help directors and business owners refine planning and increase growth both professionally and personally.

"Planégico 2020" featured speakers such as Bruno Dureux, partner of Embargosalobestia, and Ramón Ruiz Ripol, Co-founder of Akompano Group, both professionals with extensive experience in business management and management.

During the workshop, attendees were able to improve and optimize time management in a practical way, as well as analyze the structure and objectives of their organizations, and share experiences and concerns through networking sessions.

"Throughout the day I have learned different disciplines to achieve the goal and created a 90-day strategic plan to carry it out. The most important thing to highlight for me has been to be able to share with managers of different businesses the main difficulties that I find when managing teams" indicates Isabel Sánchez (Patient Care).

For his part, Pedro Roca (Direction and Coordination) points out that *thanks to the course "I have realized that there is no perfect planning, since the goal of planning is not success but that the future does not catch you by surprise and be able to consciously decide".