26 / Jul / 2019
Sara Pérez Díaz, 'cum laude' doctor from the University of Murcia

Sara Pérez Díaz, orthodontist in Vélez and Lozano, obtained on July 19th the doctoral degree from the University of Murcia in the defense of her thesis "Prevalence of periapical pathology in endodontized teeth of patients with multiple myeloma", carried out in the Hospital Morales Meseguer together with the Department of Dermatology, Stomatology and Radiology and Physical Medicine of the University of Murcia.

The thesis, led by Dr. Professors. Ricardo Elías Oñate Sánchez (UMU and SEOENE) and Julia Guerrero Gironés (UMU) and tutored by Professor Dr. Jose María Moraleda Jiménez (UMU and HUVA), achieved the qualification of outstanding cum laude unanimously from the court.

Dr. Pérez Díaz stressed that "in the face of multiple researchthates linking systemic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure to root failures, its relationship with multiple myeloma remains an area to investigate".

Therefore, this study represents an advance in the study of multiple myeloma, being a pioneer in investigating its relationship with the failure of endodontics in patients with periapical pathology.