The clinical staff
at Vélez & Lozano:

These eight specialists are experts in their area of dentistry. They allow us to take care of any and all dental needs our patients have.

Having studied at prestigious universities, they are aware of and use the latest scientific evidence and technologies in order to give you the most up-to-date and professional care.

Most importantly, these eight specialists are honest, caring, and dedicated professionals. They understand that behind every smile, is a person. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We devote all of our time and effort into making sure that you leave feeling comfortable and happy.

Fernando García Vélez

Clinic Director
Dental implants and oral surgery

Fernando is responsible for periodontal treatments, oral surgery and implantology. His work is precise, and methodical. He is very personable and well known by all of our patients.


Ignacio Vázquez Natividad

Aesthetic dentistry and prosthodontics

Ignacio is a professional with an extraordinary level of clinical exigency. Formed in excellence, constant and tenacious, is responsible for getting 101% in the dental aesthetics of our patients.


Javier Lozano Zafra

Braces and invisible orthodontics

Javier is the coordinator of orthodontic and dentofacial orthopedics. Pragmatic and decisive, he always finds the most effective and efficient solution to solve our patient’s needs.


Hugo Gómez Mengual

Ortodoncia invisible

Meticulous, Hugo always seeks excellence in each treatment, with the aim of achieving the best possible result in the occlusion and dental aesthetics of each patient.


Sara Pérez Díaz

Dentofacial orthopedics

Her work spirit makes Sara a key value in the orthodontic team of Vélez & Lozano. The youngest of the house enjoy a thorough and delicate attention on their part.


Diego Saura Miñano


His handling of the microscope makes him one of the most detailed professionals of the team: inside and outside the teeth, always with the goal in mind of extending his life to the fullest.


Alfonso Zambudio Abadía

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Great defender of minimally invasive dentistry, is an expert in the latest techniques of detection and prevention of caries. The future of our patients is in their hands.


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